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Natalie & Christos   Wedding at Island Art & Taste

Natalie & Christos met during the second wave of the Pandemic, right before Greece enforced

a consequent massive lockdown.

Under the confines of strict curfews and restrictions, they were two people given an opportunity

to date with nothing more than each other.

There were no romantic restaurants, no fancy clothes, no big parties full of friends, and ultimately,

nothing that could encourage a relationship based on false pretenses.

Instead, there were a lot of nights full of truths.

Truths that came with laughter, tears, uncertainties, financial hardships, medical challenges, and really getting to know what it takes for two people to truly want to stick together.

One day it just became obvious....They were better together.

If they could survive so many storms, just imagine the rainbows.


He said…”I will be by your side in the good times and in the bad times, when we agree or disagree, we will always be on the same team. I will take care of you because you are the most precious thing I have. But above all, I will be your man, your husband, your family”.


She said…“You are everything I didn't know I needed.

And although you met me at my worst, you have shown me your best, your strength, your patience, your compassion, your humility and ability to be my leader.

Everyone in my life can testify I am a lone wolf. I am not led. I lead.

You have taught me how to be a partner. You have taught me that two are better than one.

Today I vow to be my best. I vow to give you my strength, my patience, my compassion, my humility and ability to be your solace. I dedicate my life to making yours better.

I dedicate my life to listening to my intuition, because five years ago, my intuition was you”.


 Ladies And Gentlemen 

Mr & Mrs Zaras 

PLACE: Island Art & Taste, Athens Riviera, Greece 

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