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I A M...Ioanna + Ariadne + Mihalis  Wedding in Chania

Our first encounter with Michael, Ioanna, and of course Ariadne was at a coffee shop in London,

the early part of December 2017. 

The couple captured our hearts with their smile and spontaneity. 

Ariadne was there of course and participated in her own way with all the preparations

since she was inseparable from her mom at this point.

Next we met in Chania, at the Villa Mariposa and by this time Ariadne was 4 months old. 

With the same enthusiasm, the couple  enjoyed the smile of their little one which is only natural since

she had stolen a part of our hearts as well.

All their friends were there...from the UK, Cyprus and Greece in order to wish the couple the very best

in this new chapter of their life together. 

Four days full of precious moments and details that had the signature stamp of

elegance, uniqueness, and of course LOVE.

(Christening photos are not visible in the public gallery)

PLACE: Crete, Chania, Greece, Costa-Costa, Akrotiri Chanion, Ktima Kanataki, Villa Mariposa

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