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Dimitris & Anna   Wedding in Mitilini Island

On the beautiful island of Lesvos, two kindred souls, with an open heart and positive energy,

 Dimitris and Anna embarked on a journey of love and joy that would forever change their lives. 

The preparations for their wedding were filled with love and care.

Family and friends came together to create a day that would forever be etched in the memories of everyone present.

The wedding venue was adorned with the most breathtaking flowers and decorations.

“Iliostagma," is always  the perfect choice for your once in a lifetime moment! 

At the first look, Dimitris couldn't contain his emotions when he saw Anna with her parents walking down the aisle.

Anna's face glowed with sheer happiness as she approached Dimitris. She knew in her heart that she had found her soulmate!

As the sun began to set, the reception at the beautiful venue “Oinoforos” commenced,

the air was filled with an electric energy of joy and celebration.

Dimitris and Anna were the epitome of happiness as they danced and laughed with all the heart. 

Their friends and family toasted to their love, wishing them a lifetime of happiness and adventure together. 

And so, the night continued with laughter, dancing, and an abundance of love. 

Their wedding on the enchanting island of Lesvos became a cherished memory,

a symbol of the boundless love that brought them together.


PLACE: Mitilini Island, Greece, Iliostagma, Oinoforos

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