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Nikos & Christina   Wedding in Hania

#mazi 2450

They introduce themselves as...

"Nikos...Easy to please, just give him something sweet (#pastoula)!

He's really cool if you get to know him - even if he says so himself. He is her everything - again, if he says so himself...

Christina...Perfect in every way. She's his femme-fatale and princess"!

And everything is absolutely true...
But they forgot to mention one thing...
Their unconditional love for one another. ..the deep and real love...
that reflects happiness, smiles, and a special glow on their faces.
He comes from Cyprus and she comes from Crete
but they fell in love in London, where they live until today...
They welcomed guests from all over the world,
who arrived in Chania with great enthusiasm for the event which was specially designed and super organized by Christina.

They had thought of everything... 
Drinks at the old port of Chania, relaxation time at Aptera beach, pool party fun at Villa Aeriko and of course

the ceremony & reception at Ktima Roxani!
Four days full of smiles, party and love!

A wedding that we will definitely remember with a lot of JOY! 

Thank you Nikos and Christina for choosing us to be part of your special moments!

PLACE: Crete, Hania, Greece, Ktima Roxani

In cooperation with Ardion's Wedding Photography

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